Dedication to compliance

Our future is

in the making

Throughout the years of operation, Basebuild has always sought to deliver projects with pride.

To complete projects with pride involves ensuring three core values are met, these values consist of:

1. Safety

Basebuild is devoted to the safety of the life cycle of a project; this includes not only the workers and site staff but the end-user of any project completed.

2. Compliance

Basebuild strives to deliver projects that achieve compliance with the National Construction Code and the design documentation.

Basebuild has extensive knowledge in construction and has provided various construction projects over the last 30 years, applying practical compliant value engineering and buildability techniques throughout all stages of project multi-disciplinary design pre, though, and post-construction works.

Basebuild is committed to continuous innovation and further training the core group of employees as the construction industry moves into the future.  

3. Quality

Basebuild places gravity on delivering a product that can be fit for purpose and meet the consumer needs.

The dedication to ensure quality values within Basebuild consists of working with the core group of trustworthy contractors and suppliers, providing all building methodologies and deliveries are completed with the utmost skill and care.

Continuous improvement is an underlying value that is embedded within all values and aspects of Basebuild.

Continuous Improvement